Warm Sands of Sharm El Sheikh Provide The Ultimate Desert Enjoyment

Deserts have been always fascinating and they remind us of Sheikhs in white riding the sands in a horse and enchanting Arabian Nights. Many of you might have imagined to live an experience such as visiting a desert and this can be fulfilled easily if you undertake a tour of Sharm El Sheikh, the primary tourist attraction of Egypt. Sharm El Sheikh has warm sands and warm water, thanks to nature, the place is an ideal holiday spot throughout the year if you hate the cold weather you experience in the North.



It is very near to the European continents and makes an ideal holiday destination during the colder climates. The place is blessed with several natural sceneries such as its desert and sea landscape and the abundant number of coral reefs lined up in Ras Mohammad, a declared national park, colorful marine life thriving in the reefs, and you have the ideal setup for sea adventure.


Coming here would fulfill your wishes of riding a camel or horse in the hot sands of the Sinai Desert. Holiday makers plan camel rides for tourists and the Camel Ride Safari Sharm El Sheikh would lead you to a ride into the Sinai desert ending in a traditional Bedouin dinner. These all inclusive packages are specially designed to give you this out of the world experience and they are not going to cost you much.


The Sharm tours desert is part of the great Sinai Desert and it offers one of the most breathtaking sunsets that you can enjoy while undertaking buggy safaris that allow you to race through the sands. A great outing for family members and horse riding in Sharm Desert is another enjoyment that the tour organizers arrange for you when you are here. Local handicrafts, traditional Bedouin camps, riding in to the desert, star gazing nights, exciting night life, and aqua parks are few of the attractions that are in store for you. To visit Sharm El Sheikh do contact us on 0207 438 2001 or inform us on email Info@sharmwonders.com and we will organize a tour suited to your schedule and budget.



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